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From testing to results


From testing to results

I like challenges -  I love results

After carefully analyzing myself, as well as the market, I have come to the following conclusion: I can best serve my customers by combining fresh content ideas, current technologies, and a can-do-attitude. I'll provide bolder digital experimentations that are customer (and value) centric. 

Every piece of content I produce aims to carefully guide visitors through a buying cycle organically and without the presence of sales. Content varies from static to interactive, from e-books to videos and blogs to podcasts. 

Everything I do is backed up with analytics and light automation, of course.  


Takin' Care of Business, 


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Inbound & Micro Content 


Inbound & Micro Content 


It all comes down to being relevant - And to be relevant, you have to be found (this is the tricky part). See, the world today pushes customers online - Every purchase starts from a simple online search. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what to look for. Sometimes they're only seeking to identify a symptom. 

But it all happens online. 

To be found, you have to create content that helps your customers with their problem or, alternatively, helps them to identify their symptom. If you're not part of the search results, you have, absolutely, no chance of becoming a part of their purchase decision. 

I will help you to create Inbound and Micro Content that finds your customers at the right time - When they want to hear from you. 


The internet requires companies and experts to produce more content than ever before. However, as demand grows, quality standards are not what they once were, especially since cell phones put audio-video capability at everyone’s fingertips. This makes each person equal in their ability to produce and publish such material, although the outcomes of those efforts vary widely.

If you want to stand out from others, however, our editing service is for you. What can we offer you to take your video production to the highest level? How about featuring your company logo prominently at the beginning, providing a transition that offers information about consumer benefits, and concluding with a clear prompt that guides potential customers towards a transaction? Our services can help your company and its experts produce better content without the need for bigger production—or possibly even for a meeting!

This is how it works: You write, film, and record the materials needed for the editing. Then you send us the material, as well as any other necessary files, and describe your intended purpose for the project. We will complete the editing and upload the finished material for you to download. Cost-effective and fast!

NOTE! In the case of longer projects or the need for more detailed editing, consultations can be done easily online. Book a time here, and we’ll be in touch. The service is completely time- and place-independent.


Customers and potential buyers are used to seeing content in many different formats—blogs and landing pages, pictures and infographics, video interviews and reference videos, podcasts and emails. Each of these has its own role in converting a potential buyer.

I can help you in two ways:

  1. I will help you determine the stage of the purchase path in which the content is to be included.
  2. I will produce the *content in a manner best supporting the path-to-purchase process.

Content may include:

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs + Ebooks
  • Calls To Action
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • LIVE-streams
  • Webinars


Experts and sellers are already torn in many directions—add the pressure to produce content on top of everything else they have going on, and the equation becomes unbalanced. In fact, in this situation, content production unfortunately can become the least of their priorities and is often easily neglected. What if we told you we could produce several months of content for you and that the time required per expert would be only 1 or 2 hours?

The core of this service is content batching. How it works is that we sit down with your experts with prepared questions and a video camera. Based on the video interviews conducted, we can create both videos and blogs. Easy, effortless and cost-effective.


Have you ever been in a situation where you've surfed the web and noticed that your competitor has just released the content you've been planning in your head? So have we! That is why we want to offer our customers the opportunity to try different content formats quickly and with agility.

In the service, we create a concept, say, about a podcast series for example. We’ll create a few pilot episodes, after which we publish the content and then measure the results. After that, we’ll make sure to ask consumers if this would be the way they would like to continue to consume content.


The service begins by you explaining what marketing goals you have set for your business and why. After that, we get acquainted with the buyer's personality, study your website, technology, blog, email streams, social media and any other content, such as guides.

Then, we'll offer suggestions about how to optimize the whole set to better support your goals. We can also offer support in content production, if you feel you need that support to upgrade content.

The stages of the service:

  • Getting acquainted with the buyer’s personality
  • Reviewing the strategy
  • Site and content analysis, including technologies
  • Documentation of ideas for content development
  • Documentation of ideas for conversion point development
  • Technology recommendations
  • The presenting and reviewing the results

Please note! Conversion optimization for different entities can also be implemented one at a time, for example, by beginning with the optimization of the homepage, continuing it through the entire website and other media formats, and culminating, say, on a blog. The work can also be divided into retainer, meaning that the support is monthly until we've gotten your team and your process in a state in which you can continue doing a good job without our support.


SOLVE MODERN MARKETING CHALLENGES THROUGH TRAINING You can’t possibly be expected to know how to do everything, and you shouldn’t have to. We do training and consulting when necessary.

We educate and consult on the following topics:

  • Agile content production, especially video
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Performing on camera
  • Marketing technology
  • Content that sells

A few of my clients:

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