Here're my tips

To identify a good lead, you have to ask the right questions.. Here're my four steps to do just that:
Step 1: Determine why the lead is taking the time from their day to talk with you.

- Ask yourself if there’s a true need, or are they just kicking tires. If there’s a true need, move to step 2. If not, move to another prospect. 

Step 2: Determine what it would mean to them financially if they solved their problem. 

Step 3: Determine what the lead’s decision-making requirements are when buying what you are selling.

- Make sure to write these down. They will help you customize your pitch to their requirements. 

Step 4: Ask the lead how their company makes buying decisions and what is the lead’s role in the decision-making process.

- If the lead holds no authority, ask who does and try to get them to meet you instead.

There you have it! If you have any other tips, make sure the share them in the comments.