Throughout the course of human history humans have been using tools to get the job done. Once upon a time it was fire and the wheel, these tools allowed humans to evolve their tools to feature stone made objects used to cut.

Stone led to bronze and other metals being used to create more refined and elegant cutting tools. Soon humans were cultivating the land and building industry, society and culture followed closely behind. The way humans have used tools and the way tools have evolved has not changed since then.

When it comes to sales the tools and techniques in this field have also evolved rapidly. Here are three tools every sales rep needs to hone in on. 

1. Video

Today's consumer loves video. The proliferation of video can be seen in every field and market. That is why it is of the utmost importance that sales reps learn how to be good and personable on camera. This tool is very powerful.

It allows sales reps to serve their clients at scale, the more videos made the more clients served. Video tools are the future of just about everything. Sales reps need to come up with creative ways to use the power of video in their prospecting and closing efforts.

Utilizing the power of video is essential for any serious sales rep because this is the future of the job and the industry. Get good on camera now before you are left behind.



2. Customized Outreach 

Social media and the social world of the Internet that we now live in gives sales reps a great opportunity to make more personal and customized outreach efforts to clients and prospects alike. Once upon a time the general mass email was an effective tool in seeking potential clients and drumming up interest, but those days are long gone. Consumers and buyers have become very tech savvy and do not want to be blatantly sold a mass product.

Sales reps need to learn to use the personal aspects of social media and the Internet to reach out to prospects in more custom ways than the past. Creatively mix and match the media formats that you use to maximize your effectiveness with this new generation of Internet users.

It is a new day on the Internet and it is important that sales reps keep up with the times if they want to remain successful and competitive. 

3. Active Listening 

Probably the most important skill or tool that a sales rep has at their disposal is the ability to listen. Actively listening to what a prospect is saying, thinking, looking for, etc is something that chatbots and other automation cannot do to the high-level of efficiency and effectiveness that a human sales rep can.

Don't worry about qualification lists and checklists. Go off script. Listen to your clients and prospects alike and do not be afraid to dive deeper into a conversation and get more personal when the opportunity presents itself. At the end of the day, listening and conversing are still the most important aspects of a sales rep job. 

In Conclusion

As history has shown us time and time again the strongest are not always the ones who survive. It is the ability to adapt and to evolve that is the true mark of sustained success. This means that learning and mastering new skills are essential to continued success.

Think about when you were a teenager and were out on your own for the very first time in your life. You had to learn to cook for yourself or face eating another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. Very quickly you learn how to cook or you find a partner who can cook for you. 

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