The past few weeks, there have been multiple significant events around Helsinki. Topics varied from marketing to leadership and digital transformation. 

As some argue that events are so yesterday, my view is that, when done right, you can still generate great results of being part of a well-chosen event!

Know this, though: Great results require you do more than just the occasional "How do you do" handshake and random small talk. You have to make sure you are giving your best when it comes to following up, the most critical step in the process. 

The Follow-Up 

Follow-ups are a powerful tool that sales people can use to ensure that the customer is taken care of and that all of their needs are met. However, the problem with most follow-ups is that they don't go very well for the company. Most sales reps are very poor in their follow-up techniques, and this is resulting in a lot of lost business. 

Sorry to say, but many reps have no clue where even to begin when it comes to doing follow-ups, the right way! 

For starters, there are three main reasons why these follow-ups fail to transition into sales. These mistakes often hamper your ability to reach customers in a meaningful, effective way that can result in sales. 

Your Follow-Ups Are Late

Many companies will go through the list and do follow-ups weeks or even months after they met potential customers at the event. By this point, some clients will even forget they ever went to the event, much less meeting you and remembering anything about you and your company! 

If they have forgotten about the event already, the chances are that potential customer is no longer interested, or they have already solved their problem. 

The only thing that a sales rep can do worse than following up so late is not to follow up at all. 

Be sure to reach out to potential customers in a timely manner within a few days after the event to let them know that you are here to help with anything they need and that you are happy to help them in any way possible.

Your Message Feels Dishonest

The messages that many sales reps are telling feel dishonest. Stretching truths to try to "win your way" to your customer's pocketbook is not going to do your business any favors. Likely, the customer will see right through the lies and avoid doing business with you as you seem dishonest and they feel you are not trustworthy. 

You Are Asking For Business Too Soon

The customer might feel as if they have barely met you and don't know your company well enough to dish out some cash. Just because you met a potential customer at a social networking event does not mean that they are ready to invest in your company or its products right away. 

Instead, Try This:

Instead of just doing the basic follow-up emails or phone calls, try to make the follow-ups you do a little more personable. Make them feel like they have a connection to you and that you are invested in them individually and not just in their money. 

A good way to do this is to ask about their hobby... Something that was discussed at the event.  Also, instead of just using emails or telephone calls, extend an invitation to go out for lunch or cup of coffee. 

Offer to treat your potential client to a reasonably cheap, yet nice little outing. Talk to them and get to know them personally. Get to know about their company, business, and lifestyle. Feel free to learn about their family life as well. Get to know the person. Make them feel like you are investing time in them as an individual to develop a relationship with them on a personal level. 

In conclusion

Someone who feels a strong connection to your company or business is more likely to be a future customer of that business which makes you leads profitable.

There you have it. Be interested, be personal, and offer value before asking for the sale. You're welcome! ;)