We've grown accustomed to speed. We want instant results, and that goes double on the internet. You can't afford to impede your potential customers with a website that is overwhelming or confusing. They won't stand for it. They'll go somewhere else.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to keep those visitors and increase your website sales today.

1. Keep It Simple

We're in information overload. No one wants to sort through details to get the main idea. Keep your site clean, readable, and answer-oriented. Ask yourself, "When someone visits my site, what are they looking for?" 

You don't have to squeeze everything on one page. Offer white space to create a "zen" browsing experience with clear links to additional information. Skip the jargon in favour of friendly, easy-to-understand language. Use images any time a quick glance at a picture can explain something better than a long paragraph.

2. Use Video

Video is easy to consume on mobile devices, and it holds attention better than pages of text. Not only that, you can also get your point across quickly and easily in a short video.

Video also provides a way for potential customers to get to know you and your team. As businesses grow, it's nice for your customers to see real people behind the logos and products.

3. Add Conversion Points

Make it easy for your prospects to buy. If they have to search for an opt-in button, they might grow bored and give up, and you'll lose a client. Make sure your website visitors always know where to go to contact you, sign up, or buy.

Make it enticing to do so. Your newsletter, for example, should come with an opt-in offer, like a free program or information.

4. Share Testimonials

Potential customers know you're trying to sell them something, so they can't take your word for it that your product is the best. Of course, you'd say that! They need to hear it from other people like them, people who had a good experience with you.

Make your happy customers part of your culture by featuring them on social media and on your website. Video testimonials are great because your prospects get to see the satisfaction on a happy customer's face. It's real and immediate.

Again, make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Offer a conversion point alongside your video testimonials.

5. Anticipate Objections

Objections are part of the sales process. Even if your prospects need what you're offering, they could get stuck on price, time commitment, practicality, size, and so on. Anticipate these objections and address them in blog posts and videos.

For example, if your product is large, write a post about how it comes apart and can easily be reassembled. If your online course is expensive, show what your other customers have accomplished because of what you taught them.

Be understanding of these objections. They represent valid fears and concerns for your prospects. Acknowledge those feelings, provide tools so they can make an informed decision, and show how you're prepared to help.


Simple changes like these can make a huge difference in your website sales. When you make these adjustments, you should measure the impact they have on your business. If you have any questions about how to do that, contact me and I'll be glad to help.