We have this tendency, when creating content, to want to sound smart. We mix in fancy words alongside industry jargon, and we think that will make us more appealing and more credible. After all, the smarter we sound, the more our readers will be impressed with us, right?

NO! What you're actually doing, though, is letting everyone see, how pretentious and insecure you are. People don't come to you for content that is dense, hard to grasp, and difficult to comprehend. They're here for information, and they want it fed to them by the simplest means possible. If you make your audience scramble for a dictionary as they read, they're going to find another supplier.

To keep your posts simple, and easy to digest, consider the following tips.

Cursed With Knowledge

The curse of knowledge reminds me of Plato's Allegory of The Cave. Most people are sitting in a cave, staring at shadows on the wall. You have been outside, and you have seen the real world. You can't just come back into the cave and expect people to understand what you're talking about.

Remember this analogy when writing. Bear in mind that your audience is not an expert, you are, and you should simplify your writing for them. Period!

Keep It Simple Stupid

The K.I.S.S. stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Avoid using over-complicated terms and technical slang when writing content. Instead, use short, simple sentences and familiar language. Tell a story to illustrate a point, and to make sure your average reader will understand all your examples.

Use Bullet Points and Headings

People love lists:

  • Lists are easy to digest
  • Simple to read and
  • They break up the colossal walls of text

Short and punchy content is easier to chew, and simpler to digest. Bullet points are perfect for summing up your main points at the end, re-iterating them to be sure your audience didn't miss them.

Remember, the average person who stumbles across your content is going to read at a third-grade level. You want them to be engaged, and to follow the instructions you're giving them. That's going to be hard if they can't decode your message.