You've done your research. Maybe you even saw my video blog about the growth of online video. Either way, you know how powerful video can be in driving sales, and you're ready to try it out. But let's face it, whether interviewing a subject matter expert or creating an instructional piece, most of us don't like how we look in front of the video camera.

So I've put together these 10 tips to help you out:


1) Practice Makes Perfect

The key here is to rehearse, but don't memorize. Write out your script and then talk it through without looking at it as often as you can. Be sure to talk through it out loud repeatedly (this is a great way to pass time in the car if you have a long commute). This will build your ability to ad lib fluidly even if you forget exactly what you meant to say.

2) Divide and Conquer

You're making a video, not a live performance. It's okay to divide your planned talk or interview into sections (especially if it's long). If you take a break between sections, it will help you remain calm and natural. They will be edited back together later.

3) Dress for Success

Of course, you want to appear professional! But make sure you wear something that's comfortable. The more comfortable you feel physically, the more you will appear at ease on camera. If, like many people, you perspire when nervous, pick something that conceals sweat stains. And while you're at it, make sure it's wrinkle resistant too.  

4) Take Your Time

Don't set yourself up to feel rushed. You might need to do several takes, so set aside an adequate amount of time. The more time you have to get it right (and even banter with the crew between takes), the more relaxed and natural you will appear on screen.

5) Keep it Friendly

Become familiar with the camera crew. If you're just hiring the crew for the day, get someone you're comfortable with to stand next to the camera operator during filming. Direct your conversation toward the person you know. Your enhanced comfort level will be visible on camera.

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6) That Reminds Me

It's okay to have cue cards. Create some ordered bullet points and have them on hand in case you need them. The best strategy is to write them on posterboard and have a friend hold the boards next to the camera operator. But in a pinch, you can use physical notecards or a tablet.

7) Timing is Everything

Are you a morning person or a night person? Schedule your filming for the time of day when you know you're at your best.

8) Fuel Yourself

Make sure you stay hydrated and fed. This can be harder than it sounds if you're nervous. Be sure to sip on water and have some easy healthy snacks on hand, such as fruits and vegetables.

9) Keep Calm

Take some time before filming to engage in an activity that you know calms you. Whether you choose yoga, a long walk, or even petting your dog, it will be time well spent to calm your nerves.

10) Amp It Up

Now that you've calmed yourself down, be sure to get your blood pumping immediately before filming by jumping up and down or doing a few jumping jacks.


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