This one is as much of a reminder for me as it is to you, my friend! 

With the online presences that are most visible being celebrities, or large businesses, it's hard to imagine that just anyone could build a profitable online community, but guess what? You can! 

An online community is not formed based on fame, but it's about having the right qualities and drive. Here are a few points that you already possess that are reasons why you can create a thriving online community:

First and foremost, BE YOU... 

Just like in any social situation, being yourself is paramount, and this is no different. Authenticity is the most important key to building an online community. 

You have a reason why you want to create an online presence, and you have worthy content. So let that shine! 

Whether you are promoting your business or yourself, before you proceed with posting anything online, brainstorm and hone in on exactly what your brand is, and stay true to that.

If you are quirky, or nerdy, or funny - Then, be that! 

Show what makes you unique. Make sure your content always coincides with that message, because your followers will read the authenticity and you're already one step ahead of many!

Be a planner...

You've heard the saying that once it's in cyberspace, there's no getting it back? Well, once you post online, there's no retrieving it, at least usually not before even one person has seen it. 

In order to truly build the type of community, you want to, well, plan ahead! Start by creating a social media editorial calendar, which helps you to get organized, and stay organized, with the content you are posting. 

Selecting content that endorses your message appropriately ahead of time, and helping you to post it consistently, will maintain those followers who are loving YOU!

Be a worker bee... 

Now that you are ready to put your brand out there, show your great work ethic by sticking with your calendar, and working at it every day. 

As with anything, building an online community has to start small, and grow into a functioning organism. Your nurturing is the only way it can grow, so you get involved. Foster the relationships you are forming just like you would in your life. 

You are putting yourself out there, and you are responsible for how you are received, so put in the work to make sure it's what you want!


Online communities are not reserved for the rich and famous, but, rather, are an open field where everyone can make their mark. Find your voice, be yourself, and work hard to put yourself out there, and you are enough to build your own profitable online community!

PS. If you're interested in building an online community around your personal brand, here's a great seminar for you to participate!