Sales isn't what it used to be!

Not so long ago, some people were teachers, some were service providers, and some were salespeople. These were all different professions. 

Nowadays, everyone is a salesperson. Much of the time, all three of these professions are rolled into one when it comes to business.

That's because it's not enough to simply sell. Everyone is selling. In fact, it can cause potential clients to be suspicious: Does this person want to help me, or is she just trying to make money? What sets you apart is the value of the service you provide and the way you teach people to use it.

buyers journey

70% of the sales process is done without a sales rep in sight. It happens in the content you provide and in the way you help your potential customers. So how can you shift your focus from selling to helping?

Let's get you started:

Figure Out Who Needs You

There is no product or service in the world that's perfect for everyone, so stop trying to help everyone with yours. Really think about what it is you have to offer, analyze the market, and find the specific people who can benefit from what you do.

Focus on Value

Build it and they will come, right? It doesn't matter if you only have one client, as long as that one client has a fantastic experience with you and goes on to tell his friends. Don't focus on the people who are not buying from you yet--focus on the people who are.

Answer Questions

Seek to educate your audience not only about what you do and how your product can serve them but about other things related to your product or service, as well. Give them information they can apply to their lives.

Make your website a place they know they can go for answers and advice, even if they never buy anything.

Build Trust

If you're doing the first three things consistently, the trust will build naturally. When a customer needs what you have (figure out who needs you), knows your product works and knows you will back it up (focus on value), and finds all the answers to their questions and concerns about your product, your industry, and other related topics (answer questions), you will become a brand they can trust, not only for themselves but for their friends and family, as well.


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