Working in sales is not easy because of the preconceptions that people have about the field. People think everyone in sales cares more about making money than they do about the customer.

To succeed in sales today, you need to know how to overcome these prejudices and prove yourself to customers to gain their trust. The following tips will help you improve your sales skills.

1. Be curious

Learn about your customers and what it is they really want and need. Learn as much as you can about the company and who the decision makers are so you speak to the right people. Try to see things from the customer's perspective. This will allow you to offer them solutions that are a good fit for them. 

For example, social selling and social listening supports this phase especially well. You can gain huge amount of insight by paying attention, as well as, participating in conversations. It's truly a great way to keep yourself inline with the customer's need. 

2. Rehearse

Spend time preparing before you meet with the customer so your sales pitch will go off smoothly. Make sure your presentation speaks to their specific needs and is not too general. As a salesperson, you'll meet more people than many company reps do. Make sure to use these encounters to your benefit - Offer valuable insight and make yourself a trusted advisor.

Then rehearse your sales pitch so you sound confident and knowledgeable. Make sure to also practice silence - when you ask questions, allow the customer some time to think about it and then have them answer it without you bugging them.

Pro Tip: Try your presentation with someone not in the sales industry and get their feedback.

3. Build Relationships

Look at the meeting with the customer as a chance to build a relationship. Treat them like equals and show them respect. This doesn't mean that you can't challenge them in case something seems out of place. Challenging alongside with respect and a custom approach shows the customers you care about their business by presenting solutions tailored to their wants and needs.

Pro Tip: Give customers the opportunity to ask questions during your presentation so they feel included in the conversation.

+ 1 Be persistent

This one is a biggie! Remember that being in sales means hearing no sometimes. Don't let failure stop you from trying again. Focus on your goals and continuing to improve your sales skills. Ask your customers for feedback. Also, ask your customers why they bought from you. These answers will be invaluable when moving forward.

Learning from your mistakes means that you can come back better and stronger.

In conclusion

Improve your sales skills by spending time researching your customers, figuring out how to meet their needs and wants, letting the customer have a say in how and when you move the sales process forward developing strong relationships with customers.

Things to avoid include appearing tense when speaking with customers, doing all the talking (show and throw up) and not enough listening and taking failure personally.

If you follow these suggestions, you will succeed!