A little while back, I met an old friend for a Q&A session. My friend, Octavio, wants to take Southern America by a storm, but before doing so, he wanted to get some good pointers on modern marketing.  

Even though, I'm not that familiar with the market, I can tell you some universal truths about content, marketing, and some basic psychology. Further ado, here we go!

1. What is content marketing

Content marketing can mean anything, like handing out flyers or running a TV ad. 

That said, I think content marketing is so much more complicated than just doing random things on random channels. For me, content marketing means finding a way to help clients and prospects to become better at what they do. Alternatively, you can help them achieve their goals, by providing them helpful, inspirational, and educational content that is free.  

And if you want your target audience to consume your awesome free content, then you better serve it in the mediums where your audiences are.  

2. Why is content so important? 

We have to acknowledge one thing: Customers don't behave the way they did ten years ago! Nowadays, customers have all the information they need right at their palm... The information can be scraped at any given time, in any given place. Smartphones have truly transformed the way people seek and use information.  

And because interrupting clients and prospects is a no-go, we have  to find alternate ways to influence the buyers. Content marketing does exactly that - Content marketing allows us, brands and companies, to help buyers when they need help the most without interruption. 

70% Of Buying Process Is Completed Without The Involvement of Sales!
— Forbes

The equation is simple: Be seen when and where the customer seeks the needed information - From the top of the funnel to all the way to the bottom. That is the only way! 

And make sure that your content provides answers that are relevant to your customers. 

3. But I don't have the right technology...

Here's a little inside scoop - It's never about the technology. 

Today, more companies are considering marketing automation than ever before. Automation is a hype-word... And there is no platform or a tool that will create your content for you. There is no tool or a platform that will help your company to pivot the focus from YOU to the CUSTOMER. 

So before you start considering automation, make sure that you are ready (and willing) to put a lot of hours and resources into creating the right culture - Culture of creating helpful, valuable and free content.

Also, make sure that you understand what your customers need because without understanding the pain points, the majority of your content is wasted no matter how free it is. 


Content marketing has a bad rap for a simple reason: It is completely misunderstood. Content marketing is all about understanding your customers, how they behave, how they seek information, and how they make their purchase decisions. 

Make sure to watch the full video for a full insight. If you have more questions for me, please, write them in the comments below! 

Thanks again for Octavio for the amazing questions. You can connect with him here!