Social media is here to stay. Like it or not.

That’s why brands should be utilising social media. But let me warn you, you have to stop thinking like a marketer. Instead, you have to start thinking like a customer.  See, the secret to social media is in the "social". Don't get me wrong, the "media" part is important, but it all starts with being social. 

It’s all about being human. It’s all about being likeable.

It's time to stop being the guy in the party who only talks about themselves. Be the guy who listens attentively, tells great stories, shows interest in others, and is authentic and honest. 

 So, here are my chosen 5 actionable points to start being more likeable (brand) on social media. 

1. Listen

You can’t serve your customers great content if you don't know what their interests are. That’s why listening is the single most important thing to do! 

2. Be Authentic

To be able to build a community or a following, you have to show some personality. Don’t be afraid to show the real you, or the real people behind the brand. There are tons of ways to do it right on social media. Start already today - Next time you're writing something, make sure to write like you would write to a friend of yours. 

3. Tell Stories

Everyone has a story.. And every business can be interesting. You just have to think about the angle. If you’re planning to use the same old boring guidelines - yes, you can say goodbye to your following. Instead, try something new. Try taking daily photos or interview your employees on video. Show your customers the company that they might be working with. I mean - actually show it - and make sure to include some personality. 

4. Surprise and Delight

People love receiving goodies. Even more so when it makes them a better person. Consider hosting a free, inner group, webinar. Include a valuable giveaway. Or show how to start writing a book or a white paper. 

People love knowing that they are appreciated. They love when they get something valuable for free!  It’s a small investment from your part, but it creates a remarkable connection with the customer!

5. Ask Questions

I learned this next one from Bryan Tracy himself. He says the person who asks the most questions is in charge. 

Plus, asking questions shows interest and empathy. And if your customers know that you care about them, they are more likely to... well... like you! 


There we have it - 5 actionable points to make you more likeable on social media. Tell me if I missed something below. Otherwise, have a good week and turn those followers into leads! Until the next time, guys!