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In today's world, time is a highly valued commodity and so is attention. That's why repurposing content can be an excellent way to not only help you create more content in less time, but it'll help you to keep your audience's attention for longer. 

Before we get to it, I want to point out that the underlying thread connecting the following tips is that you're always adding value to the original content. Repurposing old content will only be useful if you're digging deeper and giving your audience something more that they can apply. 

So, let's get to it!

Create new blog posts from old articles by going deeper

To do this, take an old post that you’ve created about a certain topic.  

For example, I've written an article, "What is LinkedIn?"

Now, based on the content of that article, I could create a few more headlines that dig a little deeper:  
- How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
- How to use LinkedIn’s publishing tool to build your personal brand.
- Five ways to generate more leads on LinkedIn

PRO TIP: Mix up your content with images, infographics, and videos 

Create a presentation 

Many of us use statistics, meaningful quotes, and actionable advice on our blogs. Putting them into a presentation can offer an easy-to-read recap of your original content. 

Using social media sites, like SlideShare, can provide additional opportunities for engagement and lead generation.

Re-promote your content on your social media network 

It might feel like a waste of time to share old posts over and over again. But changing and testing the visible elements, like the copy or headlines, might give your old post a needed boost in social media. 

Another way to make your old post stand out is to create images from the old blog. Have your statistics visualised and shared individually. While you do this, remember to have the link to your blog clearly mentioned in the caption. 

recycle your post on social media

Compile old posts into an Ebook

If you're anything like me, you've written multiple blogs about one topic. An easy way to create new content is to compile old blogs into something more valuable, like an ebook. 

Ebooks are not only on demand, but they are great email list building tools. 

Start building your list by creating a landing page, put up a form and ask people to fill in their information (name + email) to download your ebook. Then, repurpose individual blogs to drive traffic to that landing page. 

PRO TIP: To do this right, make sure you have a clear call to action on every page. Otherwise, people won't find their way onto the landing page. 


Repurposing content can save you a lot of time. Content repurposing will also help you alleviate the pressure to create new, original content.  

As long as you keep adding value to your original content, your repurposing efforts should bring you great success.