Find the other perspective and stand out

In this time of content abundance, finding a unique approach to your marketing is a challenge every marketer faces. One road to solving this is to look where no one else is looking. Let me tell you, I struggle with this as much as the next guy. We have such deep rooted views as we get older that we struggle to view the world as a child would. They question everything while we think we know everything. Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with a 4 year old realises very quickly that they see infinite possibilities where we see finite. 

Ken Robinson sums it up nicely in this short video:

Rattle their cages 

To be able to make your marketing disruptive, you have to look at it from a very different perspective than everyone else. You have to tell a story that evokes the deep receptors that stimulate our emotions.  

The human brains' default setting is to NOT question things. We operate based on the rooted habits that keep us from deviating from the path that society has made acceptable for us. 

Below, I've gathered a couple of great examples of marketers who looked at the problem from a different perspective. I would say that these are instances of rattling my cage emotionally - dogs tend to do that...

Example 1 - Human Walking Program


In the first example, it was much more impactful to make the dogs the heroes of the story and make us, humans, the sheep or the antagonists.

It's disruptive because normally we see humans at the top of the pyramid. Yet, in reality, we are as restricted as mice. Not everyone sees this and sometimes we need a little help getting out of the trap.

Dogs walk humans -> Humans get emotionally attached to dogs -> Dogs get adopted. 

Clever reversal and effective!  

Example 2: Global Be(er) Responsible Day 

How do you approach a problem that has existed since cars started to exist on public roads? I'm talking about the "drinking and driving" -problem. Many marketers approach this by drawing a horror picture. The problem with this is that we've seen it a thousand times, thus making it a zero-impact campaign.

"What would Budweiser do?"

As a dog owner myself, I can't stand seeing this teeny-weeny-cutie-pie-puppy-dog all sad and alone. To be honest, after seeing this, I don't want to leave my dogs alone ever again. See, I love my dogs and it makes my heart hurt when the ad shows me the very truth I don't want to accept. I don't want to know that my dogs are sad and miserable while I'm out, whether I'm at work or socialising. 

Simply and honestly, this ad moves me - it's a real tear jerker. This example of role reversal is aimed at the large group of people who are socially active and own a dog.  It was greatly impactful for getting the message across without losing the attention of the audience. 


It's no secret nor a surprise that storytelling is key to results. So, next time you're creating an ad, or a piece of content, remember to find an alternative perspective that moves your audience. 

Do you have another great example. Please, share it with me and my audience by tweeting with the hashtag #JBlogs or in the comments. Can't wait to hear your examples!