The year 2015 is coming, are you ready for it? 

Do you want to know what I find remarkable? Most of us live our lives more online than offline. We are surrounded by technology, especially social media, that allows us to live our lives in instant replay mode. You would think that these innovations in technology and our changes in behaviour would take us further from Human-to-Human interaction - But it doesn't!

The main point we marketers have to act on, as we enter the new year, is to become more customer-centric than ever. Here are 4 points to make your marketing rock in 2015:

1. Forget about you! 

News Flash!! Nobody cares about you! In today's world, there is a clear shift in consumer behaviour. Our attention span is shorter than a gold fish's. This has lifted the expectations to a new high. Worry not - this can be a huge asset. Think about it this way: The more ways you find to help your customers, the more you will help yourself to grow your business. This is the first mental shift. Stop doing marketing for yourself and start helping your customers. 

2.  Create Great Quality Content

Start investing resources towards creating great quality content. To be more specific: create content that solves your customers' problems. Show it with blogs, video, or audio. Use the variety of medias to better your chances of high engagement.  

Example: If you sell organic food, you can build a library of all the benefits that your organic food provides for the human body. Share success stories of your clients, or write about the common problems that people seem to have, like digestion, and how your organic food might curb their ailments. 

This is the most common mistake companies make: They only share information that they want customers to know - They don't share enough content about what the customer is interested in.

Companies don't invest in content that helps customers because they don't realise that this is how customers choose where they spend their hard-earned money. 

"Whoever cares most about the customer and not the sale, will get the deal!"

3. Marketing Automation

We live in the social media era. Need proof? More humans own cell phones than toothbrushes. We, humans, share everything - literally. Sharing everything creates a host of usable data. And data, my friend, is what should power most of your decisions in 2015.

Once you've started collecting data, you have to figure out how it relates to your business goals and how to implement your strategies. Just a warning, though: Don't over do automation-through-data as it's still important to have a human touch to your marketing. 

To keep things simple, look for a good CRM / CMS integration to help you harness the social data. You can achieve much better results by actually targeting your content to the right customers.

4. Go Mobile First

More and more people are using their mobiles for browsing and shopping. A rule of thumb for any marketer in 2015: Make mobile the priority in everything you do; No matter if it's an SaaS, a piece of great content, or a new website. 

Remember - People only care about themselves. In addition to content, focus on finding ways to engage with your customers in social media, on your website, or any other platform you may be using. Offer experiences, make sure your customer service is up to par (online and in your shop). Highlight the most engaged audiences, ask questions, and always be on your "A game".

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